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Pregnancy Tests You Can Trust

Free Pregnancy Test at A Woman's Choice abortion clinics in NC and FL

Think you might be pregnant? Missed your period?  Your period was very different – lighter, shorter? You visited a NON-medical office and wonder if the their test was accurate? Maybe you just ‘have a feeling’ you might be pregnant? Start with a pregnancy test.

We get it.  Sometimes, we just feel like we need to test ourselves to feel comfortable and sure.  Knowing early on can give time to consider all your choices and talk with those you trust.

Tried the pregnancy test strips from a grocery or convenience store?  Pregnancy is certainly not their specialty. We are specialists in pregnancy testing.

If you doubt the accuracy of other tests, the store-bought tests or want to know as early as you can –

We’re here for you!

We Offer Several Reliable Pregnancy Tests 

  • Pregnancy Tests are done in our office on a walk-in basis.
  • In most cases, the Pregnancy Test takes about 5 minutes so an appointment is not necessary.
  • Our test is a sensitive urine pregnancy test, meaning  pregnancy can be detected as early as 7 to 10 days after conception.
  • Want to be even more sure?  Make an appointment for a Personal Ultrasound.
  • Blood Pregnancy Tests, which can detect pregnancy as early as 7- 10 days after conception can be ordered by the Physician.

We know. We’re woman-owned and operated.  We’re here for you, for you peace of mind.

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